A is A

What is, is.

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Can’t get enough bowling!

Can’t get enough bowling!

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I think I just cried. A lot. #2 forever.

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Zero Dollars, $O

Zero Dollars, $O

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Miguel Herrera isn’t very happy. #Mexico

Miguel Herrera isn’t very happy. #Mexico

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world cup is so good this year you guys

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Documentary on George Orwell, who would be 111 years old today.

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Last one, for all the LOLs.

Fitty Cent’s blown pitch


Last one, for all the LOLs.

Fitty Cent’s blown pitch

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Good boy. [vine]


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The thing that killed me about this setup was, okay, you put me in this bathing suit - but then I have to stop talking from here on? Strip me, and I’m silent! I am defiant with everyone else - Tarkin, Darth Vader - but this slug really shuts me up. Any defiance I had in the other movies, all gone.

I was so very happy to kill [Jabba]. It meant I could talk again. They asked me if I wanted a stunt double to kill Jabba and I said, ‘Really, really not. I really, really want to kill him myself.’

~ Carrie Fisher

Leia murdered Jabba & the galaxy instantly became a better place.

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Another perfect Ayn Rand quote:

Another perfect Ayn Rand quote:

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Andrew Klavan nails the left’s primary argument.